Stories for Brands


Content Marketing and Sponsored Posts

Companies from startups to major corporations are increasingly interested in telling reported stories that align with their products and culture, and many seek out writers with a journalism background. That's where I come in. 



I write personal finance articles and quizzes for Synchrony Bank with focuses like home buying and saving for new parents. One of my first stories for Synchrony to go live is 5 Savings Decisions to Make Before You Get Married or Start a Partnership.


State farm

I curated a body of articles, infographics, and video content on safety, personal finance, and home maintenance for what was once a little-used educational section of State Farm's website.

The transformed microsite relaunched as Simple Insights.  In addition to editing existing copy for content, SEO, and style, I wrote new articles like one about a popular program designed to get children off their electronic screens in summertime.



I write small business articles for LendingTree. The first of those to publish include a checklist for starting a business, a roundup of the best small business awards, and this story on how to find and retain top employees.